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I have been performing gentle and effective colon hydrotherapy in the Hamptons for over 20 years.

Vibeke Jenny Johnsen Seelye
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Your Colon and Your Health

90% of all sickness and disease begins inside an unclean colon... But colonic cleansing can help your colon health.

Toxins and waste can build up in your colon, just like what happens if you never clean the sewer pipes in your home. Both need a thorough cleansing from time-to-time, or the results could be disastrous.

The colon plays a remarkable role in our body's health. The condition of our colon has very significant effects on every organ in the human body and on our sense of well being in general.

The Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

Colonic Irrigation is a method of colon cleansing and detoxification.

Water is filtered through the intestine while the abdominal area is massaged thus softening and loosening the old impacted fecal matter and toxins built up in the colon. As your colon is cleansed, the process of autointoxication and its resulting health problems are reversed.

Once free from toxic and metabolic waste, the colon can repair (heal) itself and and start to function properly again.